Building the future of cycling in the Southeast.

Welcome to Welland Racing!

We are a junior development cycling team based in Savannah, Ga and focused on serving the next generation of cyclists with top quality coaching, dedicated mentors and bike shop support. We work to serve our youth and build lifetime athletes by teaching cycling skills, creating community service opportunities and welcoming all levels of athlete regardless of background, gender or ethnicity. 

Read our Article in the Savannah Morning News

“Welland Racing Club Wants More Local Kids to Benefit From Cycling”

What our Members are Saying…

“I love Welland Racing! Our kids get a group of professional coaches, amazing volunteers, and CAT 1/2 mentors who work to develop both amazing young cyclists and good future adults. I am grateful for Welland Racing and the people who work hard to make it a success.” – Mitch, team parent

“Welland Racing has been such a blessing to my family! My husband became a mentor and coach for the team, and having Welland made the races so much more of a fun event for our whole family. In fact, the comraderie inspired both of my daughters to want to train and race. Now they are on the team, they are so healthy and fit, and they have even gotten podium finishes. Not to mention that they have made strong friendships with likeminded people. If you are looking for a great bicycling experience, look no farther than Welland. The process is valued more than results, and ironically this approach has led to success all around.” – Laura, team parent